My name's Courtney.

First of all, my hair is blond now. I promise I'm not cat-fishing you.

The nose piercing is still very much there, however.  

I like going to concerts, they're kind of my thing. If you're into oldies, punk music, or rap, we'll get along just fine.

If you're not - well, we'll probably still get along. I like to think I'm pretty open minded.

Outside of that, I enjoy reading and exploring my city - that's Nashville.

My favorite thing in the world (besides iced coffee) is meeting new people and creating new things, so if you're into that kind of thing, hit me up! Let's make art.

Shoot me a message!



“Courtney is a breath of fresh air in the world of independent professional photography.

Her scheduling and organization are impeccable, and I have not witnessed customer service that is as attentive and detail-oriented as hers.

All that being said, the most impressive part is the way that Courtney knows her audience. She brings out the best from her subject(s) every time, regardless of who they are. From professional models, to creatives or others building their personal brand & crafting their image.”