Today's blog post content brought to you by my dear friend, Michelle, who recommended these artists to me! When she told me about a show she was heading to that night, I was so down to accompany her.

We all have triangle tattoos so that means we’re all cool, right?

Michelle and I arrived at the venue about 30 minutes before the show is scheduled to start, so as we popped in, she introduced me to her friend, Maddy O'Neal. Maddy is an electronic artist from Denver, CO who is currently making waves in a very male-dominated industry. What else can I tell you about her? She's literally one of the nicest people I have ever come across. Within 5 minutes of meeting her, I was backstage at the venue hanging out with her and her crew and having the time of my life!

Das my girl, doin’ her thang

As it got closer to time for Maddy to go on, the crowd began to make their way to the stage, carrying glow sticks, hula hoops, and other flashing things (gloves, maybe? I have no idea). I stood in the back for quite awhile, watching as Maddy dominated the stage and began to do her thing. As the energetic music began to play, everyone started to dance with each other, friends or strangers, it didn't seem to matter here.

Everybody was gloooooow stick dancin’

I had never been to an electronic show before, so I had ZERO idea of what to expect. I spent quite a lot of time hanging around in the back, just people watching, which is one of my favorite things to do at shows. I wasn't mad at it. After awhile, a group of kind strangers invited me to dance with them, and who can say no to kind strangers? I danced. Badly, but it happened. If anyone out there has video evidence of this, please delete it, thanks. It turns out, I actually really enjoy electronic music.

Normally I would put lyrics here, but…ya’know

The performance Maddy put on for us was nothing short of incredible. The room was feeding off her energy and, in turn, having an absolute blast. They layered melodies and mechanical beats in the music she played had the whole crowd jumping for her entire set.

The most packed I’ve ever seen this venue!

After Maddy's performance, it was finally time for SunSquabi to do their thing. The three-member electronic group (also from CO) performs their hearts out at their live shows, in which they are most proud of. Their shows are always unique, and they are sure to switch things up and perform their best, whether it's for a crowd of six or six hundred.

Good musicians AND good dudes?!

The best part about the SunSquabi show? $1 per ticket sold on this tour is donated to the Can'd Aid Foundation. This foundation supplies people with everything from clean water to musical instruments, through what they call “people powered do-goodery.” I'm always down for some do-goodery, and anyone who uses their platform to enrich the lives of others has my respect. Keep it up, boys.

More hair goalz

SunSquabi combines instruments with technology in all of their performances, which produces a rich, unique sound that the crowd ate up entirely. At any given moment, there was a mixture of drums, bass, guitar, synth, and other technology that I don't even know how to describe playing to create a one-of-a-kind show everyone seemed to enjoy.

Again, lyrics would normally be here

As the trio performed, the audience, clad in fluorescent glow-stick jewelry and cool light up gloves, danced and yelled for more after each break in song. SunSquabi did not disappoint, as they played well into the night. Was I late to work the next morning because of the show? Maybe. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

Up all night jamming and late to work the next day? Oh well, we had fun.