Hi, I'm Courtney. I shoot shows and this is where I'll talk about it. Introductions are hard.

Backstage at the Basement East - as always hiding behind my camera

What's better than hearing a nostalgic BOP from your childhood playing in the club, your local coffee shop, or hell - a hotel elevator lobby? The answer: not much. I rarely branch out in search of new bands, because I'm still geeking out over the same bands I've been listening to middle school, but there's more to life and more to music out there waiting to be discovered. I'm challenging myself to listen to new music, and create new art based on it, whether that's shooting a live performance by someone I've never seen, working with new artists to create content for them, or planning a personal project for new songs that hit me right in my feels (I've got a LOT of those).

This blog will be a way to document my thoughts and feelings that come with listening to a killer band for the first time - and concerts are an incredible place to do that, so I'll be going to as many shows as I can in order to soak in the new music. Thankfully, I'm in a position where I can not only attend, but also photograph, them often.

This will be fun, because I'm the kind of person that not only HATES actively listening to new music (sometimes I think I'd rather have my teeth pulled out than have to sit down and jam to a whole new album, it's just SO. MUCH. WORK.), but also, when I get stuck on a song, I get STUCK and will wear it out until I *should* hate it, but somehow, that never happens.

Just a few of my concert favorites on a dirty coffee table

I'm not exaggerating. Here’s a fun fact: I once listened to the same song for 3 months. Yeah, you read that right. The song was Novacane by Frank Ocean, and fifteen-year-old me did not even know what Viagra or Coachella was. But this man has the voice of an angel, and the music was oh-so-chill, therefor Novacane was on repeat, on a playlist consisting of that song and that song only.




With that being said, I'm hoping to open my mind a little bit, so I'll be taking recommendations from just about anyone that will give them to me (I'm looking at you, ancient librarian who I KNOW listens to smooth jazz and only smooth jazz on the daily).

Thanks in advance to the dear friends who have already given me a list of artists to get started on, I can't wait to hear some new music!

Do people sign off on blogs? I don't even know.